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Content Management Systems

Life is easier when you have the control of your product, information and website at your own finger tips. With a Content Management System (CMS), you have more control over your content, and are enabled to features most websites are not, including admin login and user control. Whether it is use of a database to store products, or a invoice system to save all your business receipts, Pyramid Designs can work with you to design the best type of system that works with everyone.

Different Uses of a Content Management System

  • Product Storage and Easy Editing Access (with or without databases)
  • Storing, viewing, and easy edit of Statistical Information (things like employee or customer information systems)
  • Systems for Sports Management (a system can be designed to meet the needs of keeping team or even league statistics)
  • Saving information gained from your website from your users (includes things like forms, polls, and number of hits)

*- All prices are a starting point and your project may come to more than the basic cost. Things like logo design, graphics design, additional coding and features not included with the package will cost an additional fee. At Pyramid Designs, unlike many other web design companies we try to give our clients a basic idea of the price to give you an idea of what you may be spending before hand.






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